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Daily fantasy football is what fans of all the world were waiting for a long time, and Sportito is definitely the place to be when it comes to play daily and weekly fantasy football contests online. Daily fantasy football is a fun game where you can compete with your own football team in different contests’ formats based on all sort of fantasy football leagues.

You can:

- Scout and pick your favorite players: there is no salary cap restriction;
- View the fixtures of the day/week;
- Field your selection in different contests’ formats based on Fantasy Bundesliga and other European professional leagues.
It’s time to show off to the world your skills to manage a team for German Bundesliga and all the biggest fantasy leagues taking place every day.

Your talent is rewarded

The gaming experience is very exciting: you can use your skills of fantasy games to challenge your friends or other players and be immediately rewarded for your talent in picking the best selections, without being anchored to the same football team for an entire season. You can participate as a manager in as many contests you want, and play on several fantasy leagues at once. Your winnings from the contests can be collected as soon as the fixtures are over. Sportito recommends changing players for each new contest and as a good manager we invite you to look at the stats before you draft your teams. At Sportito you play fantasy leagues and win real cash prizes with different selections every time. Look out for daily or weekly fantasy sports tips and stats to scout the less renowned players and pick the highest scoring lineups. The more you play the more chances for you to win: it is a skill game and it is important for you to understand statistics and strategy in order to defeat the other participants.

Live coverage of matches

Sportito is connected h24 with Sportradar, the global leader in collecting and analyzing sports stats and in providing live stats and results of contests. The stats for each fixture are based on the evaluation of more than 20 objective parameters in the players’ performances. Follow how your squad behaves during the contest because your ranking can quickly change due to a last minute transfers. Then if your scouting and picking was successful get ready to become the premier manager of the Sportito fast growing community.


Matchday and daily contests across a variety of professional football leagues and tournaments
are available on Sportito Lobby. Few examples are:

German Bundesliga
English Premier League
Italian Serie A
Spanish Primera Division
French Ligue 1
Uefa Champions League
rosters from daily fantasy leagues
Uefa Europa League
Fifa World Qualifiers
Fifa World Cup
Uefa European Qualifiers
Uefa Euro Championship

“Some people think football is a matter of life or death. I assure you it’s much more serious than that.” Bill Shankly


With Sportito you can build your fantasy team like a real football manager. Free from salary cap restrictions you can choose the best football players you desire from different football teams and that’s what makes Sportito the best platform to play fantasy leagues. To start the competition and enjoy playing fantasy football follow these easy steps:

1Select the contest you prefer

Go to lobby : here you can find all the contests available on Sportito every day. You can pick a paid or a free contest. You can enter in as many contests you want to have fun and increase your winning chances. Each contest is based on a single league as German Bundesliga or on a mix of different football fantasy leagues, where matches are played daily or weekly.

entering competitions for chances to win

field the best players

2Draft your team

To build your fantasy team, without salary cap restrictions, pick the professional players from different teams. Use your talent and skills to predict results and performances and act like a real manager! On Sportito the points of the players will be based on their current level of performance on the fields.

3Coach your team

Manage your team and pick a formation among different alternatives, such as an offensive 3-4-3 or a classic 4-4-2. Pay attention to the latest fantasy tips and player’s stats: their injuries, their past and current performances in the league will make the difference!

draft teams players

daily chances of winning prizes

4Collect your winnings

When your fantasy football team wins, totaling more points than the opponent teams within the same contest, you can collect your winnings shortly after the contest ends, with no need to wait until the end of a long season. Start playing now and challenge the Sportito fast growing community!


On Sportito Lobby section, you can view the open contests in which you can participate and each contest closes 5 minutes before first match kickoff. You can join a variety of different contest formats to fit your needs, ranging from 2 players to 100+ players. All information on the contest can be found in its own contest card by clicking on the contest row. You can do it before joining a room, or after having joined it (My Contests: Upcoming or Running). Sportito Contest card is divided into 4 sections:

details fantasy competitions
rosters of daily fantasy competitions
winning prizes chance
daily competitions between fantasy players

1) Glossary

Tournament: name of the professional football league(s)
Type: guaranteed / not guaranteed
Fee: the price of the ticket to enter in the contest
Min Participants: the minimum number of participants required to start the contest
Max Participants: the maximum number of participants allowed
Starts: when the first match kickoff, among the matches embedded in the contest
Limit: the date after which entries may not be added, edited, or cancelled
Matches available: the list of matches embedded in the contest
Leave Contest: yes / no

2) Matches:

The matches that are included in the Sportito contest. You can play all the matches available in a specific day or week from a single or a mix of national leagues and from one of the many world tournaments.

3) Prizes structure (rules):

In free and guaranteed contests, you will know the value of the prize pool in advance that it is guaranteed. For what concern the calculated contests the value of the prize is determined by the sum of the entry fees shares allocated to the prize pool.

4) Participants:

You can see the participants' usernames. Remember them and analyze their formations after the contest is finished to understand why they scored better or worse than you. Those info will help you to increase your knowledge and skills.

You can play either head-to-head or multiplayer contest the odds of winning depend on your choices. Fantasy leagues are the best way to challenge your knowledge of the sport and to be rewarded for it. Live your passion to the fullest and add some thrill to it by playing fantasy football on Sportito.


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